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Great Makeup Tips

1. ALL MAKEUP: Stored in refrigerator (try tupperware), will help it last longer and keep it fresh.

2. MASCARA: When brush appears clumpy, clean it with some baby oil or olive oil on a rag, rinse with hot water. Try not to pump it in and out of tube, it will dry it out faster. When it gets dry, dab a bit of water in tube (only if mascara is not waterproof, of course).

TIPBacteria can build up quickly on a brush, so keep your brush clean and don’t stretch its life out too long. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Growing Tobacco At Home Legal

The good news in the answer to the question is. According to this site: at home legal, is it absolutely is. You are able to grow your own tobacco for your own consumption at home legally as much as you want. You can look at it like this, you are permitted to grow as many tomatoes as you can consume at home legally, and so you are able to do the same with tobacco. Being able to grow tobacco is the best way to get rid of the horrible high taxes that are associated with tobacco in states such as New York and Rhode Island. Tobacco plants are known for their beauty as well, even if you don’t really like to spoke tobacco in any form you can still appreciate the beauty of the plants. Growing your own tobacco is also not that difficult to do, it will require a bit of diligent care on your part in the beginning, but besides everything worth while is always going to require a little big of extra work right?

It can be very expensive lately to be a smoker. With the cost of tobacco alone plus add on top of that the prices from taxes. It can be very pricey to purchase tobacco at the store, and that is why it is more beneficial to look into  at home. One of the biggest questions that many may have about growing tobacco at home is if it is legal. Well the good news is growing your own tobacco is perfectly legal. When it comes  time to smoke your nice homegrown tobacco then why not make your own homemade  wooden pipe. Ohhhh..the tobacco tastes so much better.   The look of the tobacco plant is very beautiful as well. Even if you are not a tobacco advocate you can still appreciate the beauty in the plant itself. Growing tobacco is really not difficult at all, but it will take a lot of extra care in the beginning. That is because the tobacco seeds are really small and you will need to make sure they are covered and indoors for 8 to 10 days of starting. You will want to make sure you start the plants about 5 weeks before the last frost inside.